Introducing RoboRewsty: Harnessing OpenAI to Make Automation Easier for MSPs

Introducing RoboRewsty: Harnessing OpenAI to Make Automation Easier for MSPs
November 21, 2023

As the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform for MSPs, Rewst continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Recently, we announced App Platform, the first low-code app builder for MSPs to extend their workflow automations with branded front-ends, or apps.  

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: the OpenAI-powered RoboRewsty. This robot is not your average mascot; it’s embedded in our platform to make it easier and faster for users to build automations.   

Let’s look at how our OpenAI innovation started and the immense potential for RoboRewsty, beginning with auto-generated workflow documentation. 

The Brains Behind the Bot 

Since the release of OpenAI, various teams at Rewst have been experimenting with how to harness the AI technology to improve both the Rewst platform and the automations built on it.  

The first visible output of those initiatives came from our ROC, which created pre-built automations that use OpenAI to automate ticket categorization and prioritization. These workflows free up time MSPs typically spend reviewing and triaging tickets, while ensuring greater data consistency. 

All the while, our product team was hard at work on an OpenAI project of its own. Today, we present you with the fruits of their labor: RoboRewsty, which helps simplify and speed up the automation-building process.  

RoboRewsty Notes: A Gateway to Effortless Documentation 

The first RoboRewsty feature that we’ve shipped helps users document and understand workflows. Whether you’re troubleshooting errors, exploring a workflow built by someone else, or just documenting your work, RoboRewsty Notes simplifies the process by using OpenAI to automatically annotate a workflow. 

Likewise, if you’re a new user to Rewst, instead of having to reach out to our ROC each time you want to understand how a pre-built automation works, you can use RoboRewsty to explain it for you, saving you time.  

How It Works 

Imagine a workflow that automates the new user onboarding process. You select the actions related to account creation, permissions, and calendar configurations, click the RoboRewsty icon, and receive a summary explaining what’s happening and the expected outcome.   

You can then review the notes to understand the workflow outputs and provide a well-documented user onboarding experience.  

Here’s a breakdown of how RoboRewsty Notes works: 

  1. Select Actions: Simply drag a box around the actions you want to annotate. You can select the whole workflow or a subset of the actions.  
  2. Click the RoboRewsty Icon: Click the RoboRewsty icon and Rewst sends the highlighted information to a private, secure instance of GPT-4 with a pre-defined template. 
  3. OpenAI at Your Service: OpenAI processes the data and completes the template, providing enriched, context-aware notes.

Put RoboRewsty to Work for You 

RoboRewsty Notes, which is generally available, is the first of many AI-powered platform features we’ll be releasing to further simplify automation for MSPs. Ultimately, we envision RoboRewsty as a modern-day Clippy—an AI-powered assistant that’s always by your side, helping you build automations.  

Remember, we’re here to make your operations smoother. So, let’s chat about how RoboRewsty can elevate your automation game.

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