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Cluck U offers a wealth of learning resources to help MSPs master the art of workflow automation.

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Empower your automation engineers to build with confidence

The value of Rewst grows exponentially when you have someone dedicated to building automations from start to finish.

With Cluck U, you and your team will learn not only the Rewst platform but also the automation principles and best practices essential to keeping everything running smoothly.

From our Getting Started orientation to our multimodal training options and community support, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Hatch your training plan

Take our Role Alignment Survey and access orientation resources like our Welcome Package and Getting Started Guide.

Multimodal Courses

Multimodal Courses

Spread your wings and fly

Hone your skills by taking courses available in multiple formats: live group sessions, on-demand videos, step-by-step guides, and more.

Community Support

Community Support

Join our Kewp

Engage with other Kewp members on Rewst's Discord Server to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from one another.


Ease the first-day jitters with our orientation materials

Download our syllabus and discover the detailed courses we offer to take your automation prowess to the next level.

From there, register as a new enrollee and take our Role Alignment Survey so we can better understand your training needs and desired outcomes. Once registered, we'll equip you with the necessary resources to give you the lay of the land, including a registration email[SC1], a welcome package with course recommendations and schedules, and our Getting Started Guide.

Download the Syllabus

Cluck University Syllabus
We offer a variety of formats to suit any learning style


We offer a variety of formats to suit any learning style

Every student learns differently, so we've made our courses and specialized sessions available in multiple formats. From live, instructor-led training to self-serve videos, Discord watch parties and step-by-step guides, you can learn how and when you prefer.

We even offer virtual office hours where you can ask questions during training or seek help troubleshooting any issues you've encountered.

I'm really impressed with Cluck University. The training answers a lot of the questions I had when I first started using Rewst. It should be a go-to resource for any new automation engineer.
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez Senior IT Manager, eTop Technology
Rewst Foam Finger
100 Series

100 Series

Crack the automation code with our 100 series training

Our 100-series training equips you with the necessary skills to navigate the Rewst platform and begin building basic workflows. Over the course of six classes, you'll learn how to scope, build, and iterate on a single workflow from start to finish.

Dive into foundational concepts with our 101 course, then progress seamlessly from 102 to 106, delving into more advanced topics like Jinja, options generators, and more.

200 Series

200 Series

Craft sophisticated solutions with our upcoming 200 series

Our 200 series will help you step beyond basic principles to foster responsible and optimized workflow constructions within Rewst.

Over the course of several classes, you'll learn complex workflow design, advanced programming concepts, and best practices essential for crafting sophisticated automation solutions.

Cluck U

Take a sneak peak and enroll in Rewst 101: Laying the Foundations of Automation

Unleash your automation potential with Rewst 101. Learn why MSPs need automation, master scoping, nail requirements gathering, and achieve automation maturity.

Rewst is managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that integrates your tools. No coding or agents required. Build flows on visual canvasses and bridge your tool gaps, saving Benjamins on headcount and efficiency.

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