Manual processes are for the birds
Take a crack at automation built just for MSPs
Rewst is managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that integrates your tools.
Build flows on visual canvasses and bridge your tool gaps, saving Benjamins on headcount and efficiency.

Rewst is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that integrates your tools. No coding or agents required. Build flows on visual canvasses and bridge your tool gaps, saving Benjamins on headcount and efficiency.

Rewst - Automate


Some processes are just begging to be automated

Tickets, security triage, operations…

As an organized MSP, you probably have the necessary IT processes and documentation in place; but you might be stuck manually babysitting them every day. Sometimes every hour...over and over. What if you could use your skilled staff for solving your client's largest problems, and save the busy work for us? Listen to your processes and let Rewst automate them. They're asking for it.

Rewst - Automate
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Supported integrations


Automate the tools you use

Supported integrations

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See all integrations

Rewst - The ROC


We empower you to finish what you start

The Robotic Operations Center (ROC) empowers you to create your own workflows and assists you in overcoming any obstacles in the automation process. Whether you need help learning the platform, adding features, or getting your workflows moving, the ROC loves teaching you how to bring your automation visions to life. ROC support comes with every subscription and does the following to ensure your automations remain connected and run smoothly:

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Rewst - Form Builder

Form Builder

Collect needed data from your clients

Start with a ready-made form template, customize as desired; then send your clients the link to kick off workflows automatically when a form is completed.

Rewst - Automate
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The things people say...

Rewst is community-driven! Our Slack and Discord channels host skilled users sharing ideas, solving problems and collaborating to build creative automations in new ways - things you didn't know you could automate. Here's what some of them think about Rewst.

Dustin Bolander
Dustin Bolander CIO & Partner at Clear Guidance Partners

Rewst is helping us to quickly automate all the processes we never had time to do ourselves. New user onboarding, security alerts, and managing products saves a ton of support time and eliminates human error. All while avoiding having to write and maintain complex scripts.

Karl Bickmore
Karl Bickmore CEO at Snap Tech IT

Even though we already have a RMM tool, there is no other solution like Rewst that will automate so many mundane tasks that are currently manual. With pre-built automations connecting tools like HubSpot and our PSA, we see Rewst as a game changer for our business.

Jason Slagle
Jason Slagle President at CNWR, Inc.

They haven’t annoyed me yet.

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