How Tech Rage IT Saved $60k A Year Automating New User Onboarding with Rewst

Companies are constantly seeking ways to optimize their new user onboarding processes. Join us for a story about how Tech Rage IT used Rewst to save $60k a year with automation.

How Tech Rage IT Saved $60k A Year Automating New User Onboarding with Rewst
October 19, 2023

In an industry where every mouse click matters, and each second can make or break a client experience, efficiency is the key to MSPs staying competitive. MSPs are constantly seeking ways to optimize their new user onboarding processes to reduce operational costs and redeploy their resources towards higher-value work. One such company that was on the hunt for increased efficiency was Tech Rage IT.  

Before Tech Rage IT found Rewst, they spent upwards of 20% of their tactical labor on new-hire setups. This time took technician resources away from other important tasks like handling customer concerns proactively and streamlining new client acquisitions. But when Matt Rose, CXO for Tech Rage IT, found a game-changing solution in the form of automation, he knew they had to put an end to manual user onboarding once and for all.  

The Dilemma: Manual New User Onboarding 

Matt Rose is a seasoned IT expert with a penchant for efficiency. But at the end of 2021, his company, Tech Rage, IT was facing a common challenge in the MSP space: the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of onboarding new users. Tech Rage IT calculated they were spending approximately 15%-20% of their tactical labor on new hire setups. This translated to an annual expenditure of about $60,000 on new user onboarding—a significant resource drain. 

Matt knew that substantial chunk of time and resources could be better utilized elsewhere. As he aptly put it, “It was a waste of time. It’s something that doesn’t really excite techs who get paid good money. They don’t want to end up just clicking buttons and copying and pasting names to make an account.”  

So, Matt embarked on a quest to find a solution. 

The Quest for Automation 

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Matt turned to Rewst, an RPA platform that could automate new hire setups without the need for complex PowerShell scripting. The fact that Rewst was vendor-agnostic and offered pre-built integrations to Tech Rage IT’s existing tools, including ConnectWise Automate and ConnectWise Manage, made it the perfect fit for Matt’s MSP. 

But Rewst’s capabilities were just the beginning. What won Matt over were the people behind the platform, their expertise, and their commitment to providing top-notch service. Matt trusted that Rewst could help Tech Rage IT navigate the automation landscape effectively. 

The User Onboarding Transformation 

Together with Rewst, Tech Rage IT implemented a workflow for new user onboarding. This workflow automated various tasks, eliminating the need for technicians to manually perform repetitive actions like creating user accounts and installing software. 

With Rewst’s automation capabilities, they could orchestrate the entire onboarding process, ensuring consistency and accuracy. Here’s how the process evolved: 

  • Account Creation: Rewst automated the account creation process, gathering necessary user information and provisioning accounts swiftly and accurately. 
  • Software Installation: The Rewst workflow automated software installations, ensuring that new users had all the required tools at their disposal from day one. 
  • Task Assignment: Matt’s team used Rewst to assign specific tasks to different team members, ensuring that everyone knew their responsibilities during the onboarding process.  

The Results: Turning a $60k Problem into a Streamlined Process 

The impact of automating the new user onboarding process speaks for itself. Tech Rage IT went from spending 15-20% of its total tech time on new user setups to a mere 3%, even with the company growing significantly since its automation introduction. That’s a significant reduction, translating to substantial time and cost savings for the MSP. 

The Rewst platform made it simple to standardize workflows for user onboarding. The process became consistent, eliminating the risk of human error. This newfound efficiency allowed Matt’s technical team to redirect their efforts towards more strategic and valuable tasks, ultimately contributing to the company’s growth and success.  

As Matt stated, “Automation was a game-changer for us. We turned a $60,000 problem into a cost-effective, streamlined process.”  

Beyond Onboarding: Other Wins 

Rewst didn’t stop at user onboarding. Matt’s team explored other use ways to utilize the platform. Tech Rage IT leveraged Rewst’s pre-built automations, or Crates, to tackle other mundane, repetitive tasks like user offboarding, managing Microsoft Project licenses, and automating various one-off software installations. The platform’s versatility and adaptability paved the path for success. 

What Lies Ahead 

As Matt and his team continue to explore the possibilities of Rewst, they are excited about the potential for even more automation. So much so that they are actually looking to hire a dedicated automation engineer in the coming months. They’re looking to use Rewst’s automation engineer job description template to help them get started.  

The Power of Consistency 

One of the key takeaways Tech Rage IT’s new user onboarding experience is the importance of consistency. Rewst ensures that every new hire has the same setup, reducing the chances of overlooked configurations or access issues. 

In the world of MSPs, time is money, and customer service is key. Rewst has proven to be a valuable ally for Matt and his team, helping them automate the new user onboarding processes, reduce operational bottlenecks, and deliver consistent services to their clients.  

So, if you’re an MSP looking to optimize your client onboarding processes and save valuable time and resources, why not give Rewst a try? It might just be the missing piece to your automation puzzle.

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