Debunking 7 Common MSP Myths About RPA Workflow Automation

Let’s debunk myths and shed light on the real magic of RPA workflow automation.
Debunking 7 Common MSP Myths About RPA Workflow Automation
September 27, 2023

In the IT world, myths tend to overshadow the positive impact that comes with new automation technologies. Today, we’re going to separate fact from fiction and shed light on the truths behind RPA workflow automation.

So, grab a seat, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of automation as we debunk common misconceptions and unveil the real benefits that robotic process automation (RPA) brings to MSPs.

1. Myth: RPA Automates Jobs Away

Fact: Automation Enhances Human Efficiency

Human Efficiency

It’s easy to assume that automation is a job-stealing force, but the reality is quite the opposite. Workflow automation isn’t about replacing human efforts with rpa bots and software robots. RPA is about taking human efforts and amplifying them. Think of it as a trusted sidekick that handles repetitive tasks, like manual data entry and new user onboarding, freeing up your team to focus on strategic and creative aspects of your business.

“Many people think automation is going to replace them. I believe automation and AI can augment people’s abilities. You’re giving them more time for what they enjoy and to learn new things.” -Brandon Martinez, Senior IT Manager, eTop Technology

The truth is automation is a balance. Some workflows you can fully automate and place on autopilot. Others can be largely automated, but still require human intervention. This lets you focus on the important aspects of the process vs. the repetitive stuff. After all, human resources are necessary to oversee business processes and create the workflow in the first place. Instead of diminishing jobs, RPA enhances your team’s capabilities, turning them into superheroes of efficiency.

2. Myth: Automation Requires Extensive Technical Skills

Fact: User-Friendly Automation is for All Technicians

All Techs

Don’t be fooled by the notion that only tech gurus can harness the power of automation. Rewst’s RPA workflow automation platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. We even created courses called Cluck University, so you can learn automation from the ground up.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a coding expert to create efficient workflows. While automation engineers have some technical background, their mindset is more critical to success in the role. Our workflow canvas enables you to build automations visually without PowerShell scripting.

Check out this workflow Alden built just 8 days into being a Rewst customer.

3. Myth: Automation platforms give you less control over your “code”

Fact: It streamlines existing code and makes it easier to maintain

People often think low-code automation platforms force you to relinquish developmental control, but they actually do the opposite. For instance, imagine writing a script on your own computer. Then you take a sick day, and no one has access to your code. Perhaps, you go on vacation, and something breaks on another server you’ve coded. No one has access to maintain your code other than you.

Automation lets your code live outside of just your personal computer, and eliminates tedious, manual updates when you host the code across various servers. It also takes away the need for constant device monitoring. Through webhooks and API interactions, you can efficiently deploy and manage your existing code without constant manual intervention.

4. Myth: You need to start with the biggest and most complex processes

Fact: Start small and build momentum

The urge to tackle big challenges head-on is commendable, but automation is most effective when you start small. Imagine building a house—laying a strong foundation ensures stability for everything that follows. Small, reusable workflows become the basis of your larger workflows like new user onboarding.

Beginning with simpler processes allows you to learn, adapt, and optimize your workflows. As you gain confidence and experience, you can gradually move on to more complex workflows harnessing the full potential of RPA step by step.

5. Myth: Automation is a one-time fix

Fact: Automation evolves with your business


Thinking of automation as a static solution is a misconception. Your business is dynamic, and your automation strategy should be as well. Automation needs to evolve alongside your business. As your needs change and grow, your automation needs to adapt accordingly.

It’s good to remember that you get out what you put into automation. Put forth the effort to set up your initial workflows how you want and see the turnaround of results. RPA becomes a continuous journey of improvement, ensuring long-term efficiency gains.

6. Myth: Automation takes a long a long time to see value 

Fact: Pre-built automations, or Crates, deliver rapid ROI  

Believing that automation is a costly investment that takes years to pay off is a misconception. RPA providers prioritize delivering a rapid return on investment. For instance, Rewst offers pre-built automations called Crates that cater to specific use cases and integrate with your existing tools. Pre-built workflows let you jumpstart your automation journey. You can easily implement them during training and platform setup.

In fact, we believe in return on investment so much that we built time savings calculators into our platform so your C-suite can see their ROI hard at work. Through streamlined processes, time savings, and increased operational efficiency, the dollars saved quickly outweigh the investment. Automation becomes a strategic move that positively impacts your bottom line.

7. Myth: You have to constantly build new automation workflow

Fact: Existing automations deliver a steady stream of value 

One thing we’ve heard that keeps people from implementing automation is the resources needed to constantly build new workflows. While it is best practice to adapt your automation strategy to your business needs, you don’t have to spend hours every day building new workflows. You can take some time off and still realize the value of your existing automations. Then, pick back up when you’ve identified the next process to automate.

In other words, you can certainly build as much as you want but you don’t need to build constantly to get value. Once the automations run, they deliver a steady stream of value.

Embracing a future of RPA operations 

As you embark on your RPA journey, remember that automation isn’t here to replace you; it’s here to elevate you. The benefits of RPA are numerous. From increased human efficiency to rapid ROI, automation tools are here to help MSPs, not hinder them.

Ready to experience RPA Yourself?  

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