How Rewst’s HubSpot-ConnectWise PSA integration drives Fusion IT’s growth post-merger

Discover how Rewst's customized automation and integration with ConnectWise transformed Fusion IT and Millennia Technologies' post-merger operations.
How Rewst’s HubSpot-ConnectWise PSA integration drives Fusion IT’s growth post-merger
April 8, 2024

When Fusion IT, a Managed Services Provider, and Millennia Technologies, a UCaaS and VoIP provider, announced a merger in September 2021, they faced an operational challenge.  

The companies use distinct CRM platforms, HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA. Each platform served a critical function in their respective sales and operational workflows. However, the lack of synchronization between the two systems forced sales reps to waste time toggling between applications and manually re-keying data. At the same time, siloed data meant that management lacked consistent, centralized visibility, which hindered forecasting and cross-selling opportunities. 

Richard Reiffer, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Fusion IT, recognized the pressing need to build a real-time integration between HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA to help unlock the full potential of their merged operations and sustain their continued growth. 

The pursuit of a flexible, automated solution 

Richard initially explored a custom integration built by a third party, but this option was costly and lacked the level of customization and logic flow required by Fusion IT. Then, he discovered Rewst’s automation platform. 

Rewst stood out for its versatility and user-friendly interface. It also provided pre-built integrations with HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA. With Rewst by their side, Richard was confident that Fusion IT could use the automation platform to build real-time syncing logic to merge their disparate data and unlock new possibilities for growth and optimization.  

Real-time HubSpot-ConnectWise PSA integration transforms operations 

Using Rewst, Richard built custom workflows to automate data syncing between HubSpot and ConnectWise. The workflow logic ensures that each platform is the source of truth for contacts, companies, opportunities, and products based on the customer journey stage. HubSpot handles prospecting and marketing contacts while ConnectWise PSA manages client-related information. This strategic approach ensured data accuracy and consistency across the organization, laying a solid foundation for future operations. 

Richard used Rewst’s flexible workflow canvas and API-level integrations to design sophisticated logic flows that manage the syncing of information between the two systems. These logic flows helped Fusion IT overcome limitations previously encountered in other platforms.  

One significant challenge they addressed was data overwriting, ensuring that fields remained intact even when one system lacked certain information. This allowed for seamless syncing of opportunities, companies, and contacts between HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA. 

The results: Two MSPs optimize data for a successful merger 

The Rewst workflows integrating HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA significantly benefited Fusion IT. It ensured familiarity and comfort for the newly unified sales team. Everyone could continue using their preferred platform. The integration also provided a variety of other benefits, including: 

Increased operational efficiency: Fusion IT saves 267 hours per month by eliminating manual “swivel chair” data entry between HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA. 

Accurate sales reporting and forecasting: Fusion IT management now has access to consolidated reporting and sales forecasting. This improves their ability to manage the business.   

Enhanced cross-selling: With central visibility into all company, contact, and deal data, Fusion IT better targets cross-selling efforts, using HubSpot as the main marketing platform.  

Standardized processes: The ability to merge data across two disparate systems and organizations ensured accuracy and consistency across the newly combined organization. 

Data-driven marketing initiatives: A 360-degree view of contact, company, and deal history lead to more effective marketing initiatives like targeted campaigns and audience-segmented communications. 

“By using Rewst to integrate HubSpot and ConnectWise PSA, we’ve been able to focus on merging two businesses without painful disruptions to IT systems. With a single version of truth, we can sustain our growth through consolidated forecasting and effective cross-selling into our respective bases.”   

- Richard Reiffer, VP Strategic Initiatives 

Beyond the integration: Future initiatives  

With the HubSpot-ConnectWise PSA integration in place, Richard and Fusion IT plan to use Rewst to automate other tedious processes. They’ve discussed building workflows to sync projects between Microsoft Project and ConnectWise, automating purchase order creation using license data from Pax8, and automating ticket creation at certain stages of the sales process. 

One merger to rule them all 

Adaptability and seamless integration of systems and processes are paramount for the success of business mergers. By integrating ConnectWise PSA and HubSpot using Rewst, Fusion IT has boosted efficiency and streamlined operations. It helped both companies transition smoothly, setting the stage for long-term growth and success. 

Ultimately, the merger between these MSPs is a testament to Rewst’s transformative capabilities. Its flexible and customizable workflows optimized the integration process and empowered both companies to navigate complex challenges with ease. As Fusion IT continues to evolve and expand, Rewst remains a trusted partner in their journey towards business growth and automation excellence.

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