Aharon’s 2024 MSP Automation Predictions

Embrace the automation mindset with our CEO’s 2024 automation insights on touchless solutions, differentiation, Cluck University, and a shift towards mastering end-to-end processes.

Aharon’s 2024 MSP Automation Predictions
February 12, 2024

The new year brings about a natural tendency to reflect on the past. As an organization, reflection plays a crucial role in the growth process, allowing us to evaluate our previous actions, learn from them, and continuously improve. This time can be an excellent opportunity for MSPs to evaluate the processes they implemented in 2023 and ideate over what’s next. So, let’s assess what 2023 brought the MSP community and consider what 2024 has in store. 

2023 was the year of time savings for MSPs. Companies like Network IT Easy and Tech Rage IT saved hundreds of monthly technician hours by automating mundane processes. The time automation gave them back allowed them to focus on more critical tasks like consistent service delivery across clients and documenting processes.  However, while time savings was a critical component of the 2023 MSP industry, it wasn’t the only thing automation brought to the table.  Here’s a quick recap of other benefits automation brought MSPs last year: 

Rewst 2023 automations

Now, let’s assess how the above advancements set the stage for the year ahead. As we shift into 2024, our CEO, Aharon Chernin, has a few predictions for the MSP

1. Automation’s role shifts from saving time to changing MSPs’ value proposition 

In 2023, MSPs focused on saving time through automation. In many instances, MSPs used the value from their initial automations as justification to go ‘all-in’ and dedicate a full-time resource to building automations.

In 2024, automation’s role will shift from efficiency to transforming MSPs’ value proposition and how they position themselves to clients. In other words, MSPs will start incorporating the byproducts of automation into their marketing strategies. A good example is new user onboarding. An MSP that automated its processes could tout an SLA of two minutes for new user additions, creating a differentiator from providers who still do things manually.

Another way MSPs will enhance their value proposition is by offering clients intuitive app-like experiences for basic service requests. We’re all used to the convenience of apps in our personal lives. To request a car, press a button in the Uber app, and one arrives in minutes. Yet, to request support from their MSP, clients must pick up the phone or email. This will change in 2024 as MSPs introduce branded user interfaces, or apps, that redefine client interactions and further differentiate their businesses.

2. Self-service apps provide touchless resolution, starting with basic client service requests.

The PSA is the lifeblood of how MSPs service their clients. Today, however, a client must take some action for a ticket to be created. This looks like calling, emailing, or submitting an issue in a portal. Once created, that ticket gets worked on and closed by the MSP.

But what if the MSP didn’t need to be involved at all? What if a client could initiate and automatically resolve certain service requests? In 2024, MSPs will start building self-service apps, enabling clients to submit requests autonomously. These apps will resolve issues, creating and closing tickets without requiring technician intervention.

A recent chat with eTop Technology’s Automation Engineer, Brandon Martinez, illuminated his plan for touchless resolution using Rewst’s App Platform. Brandon intends to build a front-end interface that would expose Microsoft 365 automations to eTop’s clients. This would include processes like resetting passwords, assigning and removing groups, setting mailbox permissions, updating user attributes, whitelisting domains in their spam filter, and more.

Brandon is also looking to build a client-facing portal for automating client offboarding. This portal would take a proactive stance, alerting clients about inactive users and enabling them to make revenue-based decisions around underutilized endpoints. His goal is to create a system where every end-user gets actively monitored, proactively resolving client overpay issues and minimizing security risks associated with inactive accounts.

3. MSPs differentiative themselves beyond onboarding and offboarding

Today, automated new user onboarding can set an MSP apart. But as more MSPs adopt automation, this workflow will become the norm. As a result, MSPs will have to seek new avenues to differentiate themselves.

In 2024, MSPs will shift from automating routine processes to value-driven ones. Ultimately, as the market matures, those who deeply understand the power of automation will develop the next batch of killer workflows that take their value proposition to the next level.

For example, eTop’s Brandon Martinez intends to use Rewst to build a comprehensive dashboard of service desk performance. He aims to use Rewst’s integration capabilities to combine data from ConnectWise and Grafana, obtaining detailed key performance indicators (KPIs) for effective decision-making. The insights gained will enhance eTop’s client relationships, aligning with an industry shift towards differentiation.

4. Shift from implementing automation to implementing it well 

In 2023, many MSPs embarked on a transformative journey, recognizing the need to automate their operations. Understanding the importance of automation, many jumped in headfirst and were content to get their first workflows up and running.

In 2024, MSPs will progress from implementing automation to doing automation well. This will require a shift from simply understanding automation to mastering it. For this reason, more MSPs will encourage their employees to make automation principles and best practices a part of their continuous learning.

With live classes, on-demand training, and a comprehensive documentation site, Cluck University is a helpful resource for MSPs aspiring to master workflow automation. We predict that more than 500 people will get their Cluck U certifications in 2024 as they look to hone their automation chops.

5. More MSPs make automation a core competency 

2023 saw a varied response to automation adoption among MSPs. A percentage of the market emerged as frontrunners, successfully integrating automation into their operations. Meanwhile, a portion struggled to implement automation effectively. Simultaneously, a third group continued their conventional approach, neglecting automation entirely.

The compelling revelation from this scenario is the domino effect of success. The wins of early adopters will act as a catalyst for the rest of the market in 2024, pulling the remaining MSPs towards implementing automation and elevating automation as a core business competency. To support this market shift, we expect more MSPs to formally establish the Automation Engineer role and make it critical to their success.

With a combination of technical prowess and a forward-thinking mindset, these individuals will play a pivotal piece in designing, building, and maintaining automations. MSPs will actively seek individuals passionate about creative problem-solving, effective communication, and a continuous desire for learning and improvement.

Embracing an automation mindset in 2024

These predictions for 2024 paint a vivid picture of an industry transitioning from automating tasks to mastering end-to-end processes. MSPs will embrace automation to change their value proposition, deliver app-like experiences, and focus on delivering differentiated services beyond user onboarding and offboarding. With the emergence of automation as a core business competency, we envision a landscape where automation breeds success and uplifts the entire MSP market.

As your organization embarks on this journey, we encourage you to embrace the winds of change. Throughout it all, Rewst is a reliable partner, helping you confidently navigate the evolving automation landscape. Together, we’ll act, reflect, and assess our collective automation progress throughout the year. After all, these predictions aren’t just milestones but a collective vision for an industry where automation is more than a tool. It’s a way of life.

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