Measuring and Maximizing the Value of Automation


Is your MSP hitting growth roadblocks? Are technicians overwhelmed juggling customer service and operational initiatives? Discover the value automation brings to the table and how it evolves to unlock your MSP’s true potential.

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Rewst - Robotic Process Automation


Automation has become a key driver for MSPs to realize greater efficiency and consistency in their operations. But where should MSPs start? And what systems and processes should leaders implement to help their teams identify and execute automations that deliver the most value for their companies?

Watch our on-demand webinar hosted by Aharon Chernin and featuring FLOW speakers Jared Brantley, and Amanda Lachapelle. This panel will dive into the intricacies of measuring the value of automation at different stages of MSPs’ journey. From initial justification to advanced ROI frameworks, we’ll explore:

  • Strategies for justifying the initial investment and kickstarting your automation journey.
  • Best practices for identifying and prioritizing high-value automation use cases.
  • Building robust processes and frameworks to measure ROI and deliver sustainable value as you mature in automation. Whether you’re contemplating the leap into automation or seeking to enhance your existing processes, this webinar will equips you with the practical insights to thrive.
Rewst - Robotic Process Automation



Aharon Chernin LinkedIn Profile
CEO, Rewst


Jared Brantley LinkedIn Profile
CAO, Raven Automation


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COO, B4 Networks

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Rewst is managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that integrates your tools. No coding or agents required. Build flows on visual canvasses and bridge your tool gaps, saving Benjamins on headcount and efficiency.