There’s a Better Way to

Manage Data Protection

There’s a Better Way to 

 Manage Data Protection
Are your technicians spending a tedious amount of time installing backup software on new-user devices?
Rewst Integration
How about monitoring potential offline alerts and manually backing up computers?
Rewst’s integration with Acronis can help. It automatically installs Acronis agents on new devices and automates data backups. This frees IT professionals from their checklist of never-ending onboarding tasks, while also alleviating the headache of having to manually monitor devices and perform one-off backups.
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How Rewst’s Integration with Acronis Is Changing the Way MSPs’ Manage Data

1. Streamlining New User Onboarding

Before: As an MSP, you might encounter long checklists during new employee onboarding, often leading to missed software installations. If proper software isn’t installed, this can cause IT inefficiencies and headaches further down the road.

After: Rewst’s integration with Acronis simplifies new user onboarding by automating the installation of backup agents on new user devices. Once the remote monitoring tool (RMM) is detected on a new device, Rewst takes over and installs Acronis, relieving the technician of the tedious task of remembering to install new backup software.

Why this Integration: The Acronis integration is like having a butler who effortlessly takes care of all your installation needs. It saves IT future installation headaches and time and resources to put towards other tasks like keeping online systems running smoothly.

2. Providing an Extra Layer of Data Security

Before: IT teams spend a significant amount of time constantly monitoring and fixing backup alerts. When alerts are missed, errors can occur, and users face potential data loss.

After: Rewst’s integration with Acronis provides an extra layer of data security by triggering Acronis backups when a device agent is offline. Once a device goes offline, Rewst tells Acronis to backup that device, relieving the technician of manually logging into Acronis to view alerts and back up computers at a moment’s notice.

Why this Integration: This integration means that IT professionals can finally take a break from their on-call superhero duties and focus on other tasks knowing client data is safe and secure.

Acronis Integration Setup

The Acronis pack allows you to manage tenants, reports, users, devices, backups, and storage.


To setup the Acronis Integration, you’ll need to perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the management portal.
  2. Click Settings > API clients > Create API client.
  3. Enter a name for the API client.
  4. Click Next.

The API client is created with the active status by default. Input the ID and secret value of the client below. For the Cloud Base URL - match the prefix of the cloud URL to the region below.

We’ll run a final authorization check before we continue.

Having issues? Review Acronis’ Documentation Here


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