Right of Boom 2024

Join us at Right of Boom 2024 where you’ll find there’s an easier way to maintain a secure IT infrastructure.

Right of Boom 2024
Event / March 6 - March 8, 2024

Join us at Right of Boom Conference 2024, a premier cybersecurity event designed specifically for MSPs. At Rewst, we’re excited to bring our expertise to this event, showcasing how Rewst automations can help you maintain a robust and secure IT infrastructure. 

Meet our team @ Right of Boom 2024 

Stop by booth #308 to meet our team of experts and discover the benefits automation brings to cybersecurity management. Learn about our integrations with leading security platforms like Acronis, Crowdstrike, and Sophos, and explore our prebuilt automations packaged as Crates, designed to make IT infrastructure more efficient.  

*As a bonus, stop by booth #616 and learn about our automation event, FLOW, designed to equip MSPs with the knowledge and best practices to take their automation initiatives to new heights.

Catch our automation security sessions 

Pre-day: Breaking the Security-Maturity Paradox: A Hand-on Guide to Automation

Date: March 6th
Time: 1pm-5pm PT
Room: #306 
Speakers: CEO Aharon Chernin and Cratemaster, Tim Fournet 

Join King of the Kewp Aharon Chernin and Cratemaster Tim Fournet as they unveil the secrets to breaking the MSP security paradox with automation. Gain practical insights and a roadmap for building an automation mindset that strengthens your MSP’s security and maturity simultaneously.  

Discover why prioritizing business automation is crucial and how it inherently enhances your security posture. Plus, get hands-on experience with Rewst’s RPA platform and learn how to integrate security automation into your infrastructure for enhanced efficiency and resilience. 

Main stage session: Securing client transition in onboarding 

Date: March 8th
Time: 1:45pm PT
Speaker: Tim Fournet, Cratemaster

In this session, delve into the critical aspects of securing client transition and offboarding processes with Rewst. Gain valuable insights into implementing robust security measures to protect both MSPs and their clients during crucial phases. Explore strategies for effective communication with clients to maintain strong relationships while ensuring security.

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March 6 - March 8, 2024

MGM Grand 3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Las Vegas, Nevada

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