Freshly Rewsted: Tips and insights from Tech Rage IT

Freshly Rewsted: Tips and insights from Tech Rage IT
December 5, 2022

Appreciative customers, a happy and productive team, and a chunky profit margin. It’s MSP success in a nutshell. That’s why Matt Rose, CXO at Tech Rage IT, is always looking for strategies and tools that offer those advantages. Matt is a part owner at his MSP and his responsibilities include overseeing Technical Service Operations, Client Relations and Business Development. Tech Rage IT began using Rewst in June of 2022.

When Matt heard about Rewst, he saw an opportunity to simplify and scale his MSP’s processes; to bring on more clients, and rapidly resolve tickets for all clients. I sat down with Matt to learn about Tech Rage IT and talk about the results they’ve seen with Rewst’s process automation.

Thank you for taking the time to chat! Let’s get right into it. What made Rewst stand out? Were there challenges you hoped to solve?

A handful of great MSP community partners recommended Rewst and spoke highly of the team behind the platform. After an initial conversation with Aharon (CEO & Founder of Rewst), it became clear Rewst would tackle some pain points I’ve seen as a huge void in the industry for a long time now. Like many MSPs, we were spending way too much time doing menial tasks that took away from larger initiatives, projects, or customer improvements.

What have you automated with Rewst? What are your biggest wins?

First and foremost, the new user onboarding process! Basic tasks – like creating new user accounts, groups, notes in ConnectWise, purchasing licenses through Pax 8 – could easily take 30 minutes or more depending on the client. Now we’re able to fill out our new user onboarding form, set it and forget it. It has saved us hours already and we’re just getting started!

We’ve also begun using Rewst to install ad-hoc software as well as onboarding and offboarding new devices via the integration with ImmyBot.

How has Rewst improved your internal processes so far?

While we always need to be sure our documentation is up to date, there is much less room for error when filling out a form and hitting “submit” as opposed to death by 1000 paper cuts. So far, we’ve gotten through tickets faster and had very little opportunity for human mistakes! Best of all, the client just thinks we’re working faster 😊.

Can you share your experience working with the Rewst’s Robotic Operations Center (ROC) and the role they’ve played in supporting your goals?

They’ve all been fantastic. Although I question if they are secretly robots. (I kid). They are always around to troubleshoot or help with an issue. For bigger workflows like new hire onboarding, we had a recurring call with the ROC to iron out the details and make sure everything was working correctly. It was fantastic.

What processes are you planning to automate next?

Next up: end-user offboarding. Additionally, we are continuing to get a lot of other small integrations set up that our customers have as part of onboarding and offboarding.

What have been your biggest takeaways so far?

Without a doubt, it’s the time saved! My staff is happier working on complex issues and my clients are happier when things are done faster. It’s just a win-win!

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